Reverse Sear Steak Recipe

Reverse Sear Steak Recipe

Learn how to reverse sear your steak for the best tasting steak recipe right at home. This method is easy and yields the most tender and perfect steak every time. You don't have to be at a fancy steak house to enjoy a fancy steak. Start with a good steak and follow this method to cook it to perfection.

reverse sear steak recipe

Steak is one of the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious meals that you can serve. Did you know that serving a healthy steak is as quick and easy as making a frozen pizza? Pair it with a simple side salad for a full course and healthy meal.

What Steak Should I Use?

I sell my farm raised beef every weekend at a local farmer's market and I am always getting asked what steaks are the best. I always say that any steak from the rib or loin primal is going to yield great flavor and tenderness.

You can use any of these steaks with this reverse sear method:

  • Ribeye
  • Porterhouse
  • T Bone
  • Sirloin
  • Strip Steak
  • Filet Mignon

For this recipe, I used the porterhouse. I have also reversed seared many t bones, ribeyes, and sirloins.

how to reverse sear a steak

Reverse Sear Steak Recipe Ingredients and Tools

This recipe is pretty simple because a good steak will speak for itself. You never need to dress up a well marbled steak with much seasoning. I just use a bit of salt on each side. You will need a cast iron skillet, some foil, and a wire cookie rack to perform the reverse sear.


reverse sear steak

Step one

Start by preheating your oven to 250 degrees. Baking first at such a low temperature will ensure that a thick cut steak will cook evenly and give you better control of desired doneness.

Set up your steak for baking by seasoning both sides evenly. Then, layer the cast iron skillet with foil to catch the drippings. Set a wire cookie sheet overtop the skillet and place your steaks on it. As pictured above. 

Step Two

Cook in the oven for fifteen minutes and then check the steaks with a meat thermometer. Be sure to check the steaks every five minutes after the initial fifteen until the steaks reach an internal temperature of 95 degrees.

The steaks will continue to cook on the pre-heated cast iron skillet when searing. You do not need to reach the desired doneness completely in the oven.

Step three

Set the steaks aside and transfer the pre heated cast iron skillet to the stove top on high heat. Heat up olive oil until slightly smoking and then place the steaks in the skillet. Sear for about two minutes on each side or until steaks have reached your level of desired doneness.

reverse sear steaks

Desired Doneness Chart

Cook to five degrees below desired doneness and then rest for ten minutes before serving.

  • Rare- cool red center. Meat temperature 125-130 degrees F.
  • Medium rare- cool red center. 135- 140 degrees F.
  • Medium- warm pink center. 145 degrees F.
  • Medium well- slightly pink center. 150 degrees F.
  • Well done- little or no pink. 160 degrees F.

reverse sear steak recipe how to


Do I have to use a cast iron skillet?

I always suggest a cast iron skillet for cooking a steak because cast iron heats very evenly and retains the heat well. A hot cast iron skillet will sear the exterior of the steak to a crispy golden brown. If you don't have a cast iron skillet a ceramic or stainless steel will also work.

Can I reverse sear the steak from frozen?

Yes. You can cook a steak from frozen using this method because it cooks at such a low temperature. The only difference when cooking the steak from frozen is the cooking time. A thawed steak will need to cook at 250 degrees for about twenty-five minutes and a frozen steak will need about fifty minutes.

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