About our Farm

We are Tony and Ashley Ryan. Together we are passionate about raising livestock on our small farm located in rural Missouri.

We strive to raise our animals in a natural environment with sustainable practices. Our goal is to raise high quality meats that our customers can feel good about feeding their family.

The farm started when I (Ashley) purchased 80 acres and 25 black angus cows from my grandpa. I started with raising the calves each year until they were weaned from the mama cow and then I sold my weaned calves to the local livestock auction. I was relying on overhead cost and auction prices that were out of my control. It only took a few years for me to realize I needed to change my practices for this to all work out. 

In the meantime, land came up for sale all around my 80 acre farm and fortunately my dad was able to purchase that land. So, together we expanded our cow herd. That is also when Tony and I met and began to learn more about sustainable farming practices. 

We decided that we would no longer sell our calves to the local sale barn but rather finish them all for harvest and then offer the beef to local customers. Our first group was ready for harvest in 2020 when consumers saw something they have never seen before... empty shelves at the grocery store. We were able to offer 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions to over 100 families that year. That is when I knew I was passionate about raising all my beef from start to finish and selling direct to consumers.

Know your farmer, know your food

We now offer our pasture raised beef and chicken to local customers at area farmer's markets and online where we ship to the central US weekly.

Local customers can learn more here.

Check to see if we can ship to you here.

  • Pasture Raised

    Our mama cows are on pasture 24/7 all year long.They are rotationally grazed during the spring, summer, and fall. Then, in the winter time we roll out hay around the pasture as needed. The calves spend the first six months with the mama cow and then are weaned and go to pasture on their own. They spend another six months on pasture before going on to the finishing stage. 

    The chickens are raised in chicken tractors (pictured) where they are protected from predators while being moved daily to fresh grass.

  • Naturally Grown | NON GMO

    The beef is finished on free choice hay and a non gmo feed in the last 150 days. Offering them this feed ensures a good finishing weight of around 1,200 to 1,250 pounds as well as great marbling, tenderness, and flavorful beef. 

    Our chickens are offered fresh non gmo feed daily while on pasture. 

    Our animals receive no antibiotics or artificial hormones for growth. 

  • Farm to Table

    Our cattle are born and raised on our farm here in rural MO. They are processed locally and humanely. 

    We purchase the chickens when they are just hatched and raise them on our farm. They are processed humanely in Northern MO at a small family owned processing plant.

    The beef and chicken is stored at our farm in State inspected freezers so you can be confident to know your meat has been handled carefully and properly.