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New Hartford Farm Co

Chicken Backs

Chicken Backs

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Each package is 2 + lbs and includes 6 backs. 

These meaty chicken backs are perfect for making homemade soup and bone broth. Simple slow cook and then separate the meat from the bones. The meat is the perfect shredded chicken to add into a chicken soup or your favorite chicken recipe. Then, return the bones to the slow cooker to make homemade bone broth. 

Did you know?
Pasture raised chickens make the healthiest bone broth that is super rich in collagen. This is because they are free to move around on pasture and eat a more diverse diet producing nutrient dense meat and bones! 
  • Pasture Raised 
  • NON GMO diet 
  • Raised with out antibiotics or added hormones 
  • Humanely raised and processed

Our chickens are raised out on pasture where they are moved to fresh grass daily. They are raised in a healthy and happy environment. As the chickens move around on pasture their manure is fertilizing the soil which helps grow better grass for us to raise more chickens, pigs, and cattle. The chickens play an important role in our farm eco system all while producing healthy meat for our family and yours!  

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